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The Ph.D. degree in Information Technology paves the way for the highest levels of scientific research in ICT and related areas. Depending on their interests and personal inclinations, students who have achieved the Ph.D. degree may head for a career in academia or in industry, in Italy or abroad. The advanced research skills, the practice of communicating and working in English, as well as the knowledge of the academic and industrial world acquired during visits and study periods, qualify the Ph.D. graduate for positions offered by the best universities, research centers, and innovative companies worldwide. Ph.D. graduates may also opt for an entrepreneurial career and start up their own company with the support of PoliHub.

Ph.D. Employment Data

The 2022 official employment survey of Politecnico di Milano targeted the 2019-2020 Ph.D. graduates. Overall, there were 116 Ph.D. graduates in Information Technology at Politecnico di Milano in the two years considered. A total of 74 interviews were completed, accounting for 64% of the total number.

The following infographic presents some concise figures relative to the employment status of Ph.D. IT graduates (data refer to year 2019).

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The Career Service

The Career Service of the Politecnico di Milano has developed a specific route for Ph.D. students in their last year, supporting and advising them regarding the job market in Italy and abroad, and pointing them towards career choices most suitable to their personal ambitions and their chosen Ph.D. route.

The Career Service provides support in building an effective CV, improving the interview technique, and other services.

The Career Service also organizes events where top companies can meet Ph.D. candidates that are about to conclude their studies.

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Career opportunities after the Ph.D.

A Ph.D. graduate may pursue a career in academia or in research centers. Each year, Politecnico di Milano and neighboring universities award post-doctorate research scholarships, as well as junior researcher positions oriented towards research and teaching.

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Ph.D. students interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial career, exploiting their research ideas and results and transforming them into companies, can find various means of support at Politecnico di Milano, particularly from the Technological Transfer Office and the PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator.

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Ph.D. students aiming for a research career in industry should consider that economy globalization has led to industrial research centres often being established in other countries and organized into intercontinental research structures that impose great mobility on the researchers themselves. Openings are also available outside industry, in the services compartment, in important engineering firms, in technical services of government and EU bodies, and in international institutions.

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Success stories

Our community

The DEIB Community is the digital community of the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria of the Politecnico di Milano. The project was developed to enhance experiences and skills, aggregate talents and generate innovation through cooperation, continuous exchange and goal sharing between academic research and the industry world.

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