Access to Ph.D. programmes is by selection through a public call. Admission to Ph.D. programmes is determined on the basis of an assessment of the educational curriculum and qualifications, a personal motivation statement, and a (non-binding) Ph.D. research project. Candidates must send all the required documents at the time of application (titles enabling enrolment can be produced afterwards, but must be possessed and presented before enrolment).

Various calls are issued every year for generic, thematic, and interdisciplinary scholarships, starting with a general call in April. Different starting dates are possible depending on the call (the first being in mid September and the last in May-June). All calls are published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and are announced on the website of the Ph.D. School of the Politecnico di Milano, as well as here.

Ph.D. students may accepted directly by the Faculty Board outside a public call in case of international agreements, Ph.D. Executive agreements, or transfers from other Ph.D. programmes.

Want to apply?

Access to all Ph.D. programmes is by public calls. Various calls are issued every year.


To access the Ph.D. programmes of the Politecnico di Milano it is necessary to have the following qualifications:

  • a Master of Science (or equivalent) degree
  • an English language knowledge certificate (check the accepted certificates below)

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For the three-year duration of their studies, Ph.D. candidates can be supported by monthly scholarships of € 1400 (free of taxes, fees are waived), depending on the specific call.

Scholarships are granted from the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), from Politecnico di Milano, from companies, or from the Department on research project funds.
The number of available scholarships in a year usually ranges between 80 and 120.

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Admission steps

Analysis of potential research lines

Plan in advance! About one year before the start of the Ph.D., visit the DEIB website looking for information about the research activities of the various research groups and the current areas of research, and search for topics that match your interests.

Informal contact with potential supervisor

About nine months before the start of the Ph.D., make informal contact with potential supervisors, to inquire on their availability to act as Ph.D. advisors and to establish the research topic of the Ph.D. programme.

Ph.D. call opening

You will have one month from the opening date of the call to submit your application through the dedicated online procedure. The full list of documents to submit with the application, the number of positions offered (with and without scholarship), and the financial terms are detailed in the call. Usually, it is requested to submit a CV, academic qualifications and publications, a statement of motivation, a research proposal. You can also express interest in competing for specific thematic or interdisciplinary scholarships.

Admission results

About three months before the start of the Ph.D., a ranking is drawn up by an Admission Board for each of the four areas of the Ph.D. in Information Technology. Admissions and scholarships are assigned according to the corresponding ranking. Thematic scholarships are awarded based on the preferences expressed by the applicant and the eligibility established by the Admission Board. If no preferences have been expressed, the applicant is only considered for generic scholarships.


If admitted, about two months before the start of the Ph.D., you must accept the position with or without a scholarship. Rejected positions will pass to the next eligible applicant in the rankings.

Start of Ph.D.

You are now officially a PhD student. To access program regulations, documents, and other useful information you can visit the “For Enrolled Students” section.

Additional information

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